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An intake system made from DuPont's Zytel® PLUS nylon, with its good ageing and temperature resistance, fitted with an integrated indirect charge air cooler from MAHLE, helps to optimise fuel/air mixture supply to BMW's new 6-cylinder petrol engi
New intake system from DuPont™ Zytel® PLUS to save space and boost performance
DuPont de Nemours International SA, Switzerland
Clockwise from top left: Ed Hollock, Matt Tipping, Brandt Rosche', Steve Weems
Mount Joy Wire Corporation announces four key management changes
Mount Joy Wire Corporation, USA
The Technical Center in Meyrin is part of a global network of DuPont Technical Centers with comprehensive laboratory facilities that conduct research and facilitate collaboration with industry, government, academia and local communitie
DuPont Performance Materials celebrates new investment in its Centre of Excellence at Meyrin
DuPont de Nemours International SA, Switzerland
The new Hradil HB44® offshore control cables can effectively prevent zone entrainment within the cable
Hradil offshore control cables fully compliant with IEC standard 60079-14
Hradil Spezialkabel GmbH, Germany
Alloy Wire has an extensive range of more than 50 nickel 'High Performance' alloys that are commonly used in aircraft fire detection, engine retaining rings, fasteners, high-temperature seals and engine compression springs
Alloy Wire International set to fly high at Farnborough International Airshow 2016
Alloy Wire International, UK
Sealing lines for TWINAX cables
Sealing lines for TWINAX cables
W.T.M. Srl, Italy
Bar Products & Services signs major contract in China
Bar Products & Services signs major contract in China
Bar Products & Services Ltd, UK
Adani's 648 MW solar power plant, Tamil Nadu, India: Substation commissioned by ABB
ABB connects power to the Indian grid from one of the world’s largest solar plants
ABB Ltd, Switzerland
The new BSP™45 Automated Sleeve Applicator
Faster cable sleeve identification
Brady Corporation, Belgium
Top: MMH 121 + RM 201 type multiwire drawing machine; bottom: D 631.5 + ARP 630 type high speed double twist bunching machine
Niehoff at wire China 2016
Maschinenfabrik Niehoff GmbH & Co KG, Germany