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Shanghai Lizhi Machinery Co.,Ltd. is specialized in the research and development of various micro and fine metallic wire drawing and annealing equipment. Main product for each metal tiny wire rod drawing machine and annealing installment, including the precious metal, non-ferrous metal, ferrous metal as well as stainless steel wire.

Photo 1: LZDM-80/21 TYPE precious metal thin wire-drawing machine The equipment suits in the drawing extremely thin precious metal wire rod. Inlet wire(max):?0.12mm?finished wire(min):?0.015mm????

Machine speed: 600 M/min. Carrying driving setting out, the PLC programmed control, the servo motor-driven, 10.4 ' the colored touchscreen dynamic demonstration, the drawing process completely automatic, Axial motion Shi Paixian, may adapt the straight platoon, an incline row of line, a spherical surface row of line and so on many kinds of platoon line way. May initialize 10 set of operation code pieces.

Photo 2: LZDM-480/01 TYPE drum moves to type precious metal Dollar machine horizontally The equipment suits in the drawing extremely thin precious metal wire rod bus bar. Inlet wire(max):?8.0mm?finished wire(min):?1.5mm????

Machine speed: 50-80 M/min. This machine is a single-drum wire drawing machine which gradually decreases the wire diameter by threading wires through one die until the target wire diameter is reached.

It take-up the drum while traverse the drum to make lest scratch of wire surface. Next reversing the drum the wire take-up to the supply drum.

At that time both drum do the constant pitch traverse and overlapping avoids occurring to the wire. Gradually this action is repeated. Drawing speed and traverse pitch etc. are possible set up every a process with a touch panel. may act according to various working procedures hypothesis on 10.4� the colored touchscreen, may initialize 10 set of operation code pieces.

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