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Company Summary: Automatic pickling plants for wire rods

Further Information:

DRT Company plans and carries out automatic pickling plants for wire-rods, automatic regenerating plants of sulphuric acid, waste water treatment plants for all its customers all around the world. DRT also gives all services and assistance that is necessary for the life of a modern and efficient pickling-house.

The aim of our company is to satisfy and to establish a final link with the customer because this one is looking for not only a supplier but also a real partner who can ensure him trust.

DRT wants to be a real partner for all its customers. It's possible to reach this result only by creating an additional value for the final customer, as follows To increase production - To reduce direct costs of production - To develop and research a better quality of products - To amortize the investment in very short time - To obtain best working conditions and efficiency of plants - To give assistance and maintenance

By reaching these results DRT can re-invest, by careful economic plans, its resources for research and technological development in order to improve the functionality, the efficiency and reliability of DRT plants.

After so many years of working experience, we can affirm that our Company reached a strengthened stability on the market, and these results have been obtained thanks to the quality of our products offered to our customers, providing them with a suitable and steady assistance. This result is the direct effect of our first choices: A simple and well organized Company with high qualified human resources.

Our future and successes are strictly linked to the accomplishment of objectives mentioned in the medium and long-terms programs aimed at the profits of the company. However, we perfectly know that the most important rule in business is to satisfy the customers' needs, and so we work hard every day to reach this result.

DRT Impianti Srl is listed under these Product Codes:

» Acid Heating Equipment 1962   » Acid Neutralising Plant 1900   » Acid Recovery Plant 1901   » Acid Storage & Handling 1902   » Acid Tanks 1903   » Cleaning / Washing / Degreasing Plant 1214   » Fume Extraction 1921   » Phosphating 1946   » Pickling 1692   » Pickling Hooks 1948  

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