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Roblon A/S

Nordhavnsvej 1
PO Box 120
DK-9900 Frederikshavn 
Tel: + 45 9620 3300

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Roblon Industry is a total solution provider to the cable industry, with focus on cable-making machinery, industrial yarns for cables and, most importantly, the interaction between machines and materials.

Roblon Industry develops and manufactures high-tech industrial fibres such as glass and aramid strength members, binder yarns and ripcords (standard and water-blocking). It is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.

Roblon Industry also develops and manufactures serving, binding, take-up and pay-off equipment and is recognised for its high quality servers and binding machines with more than 400 pieces of each operational world wide.

For fully integrated production, you need fully integrated resources

Roblon A/S is listed under:
» Rope Making 1056  » Cable Making (Fibre Optic) 1423  » Caterpillar Haul-Offs 1005  » Coilers 1013  » Pay Off Stands 1044  » Rope Making 1056  » Cable Making (Fibre Optic) 1423  » Cable Making (Power) 1424  » Cable Making (Telecommunication) 1425  » Pay Off Stands 1044  » Take Ups 1080  » Taping, Cable 1478  » Winding 1298  

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