31 Avenue de Conde
F-77500 Chelles 
Tel: + 33 1 64 26 20 66

Further information:
Decalub is a French based company, family owned, founded in 1983, with commitment to research and new solutions in the design and manufacture of machinery for the steel wire production industry.

Decalub holds nine patents, four (4) of which are currently industry standards, incorporated in the equipment which the company supplies to the largest wire manufacturers on five continents.

Decalub is listed under:
» Descaling 1916  » Cleaning / Washing / Degreasing Plant 1214  » Die Boxes & Holders 1618  » Lubricant Applicators 2343  » Degreasing 1025  

Main products / machinery / services:
Dry Cleaning, Coating and Drawing (DCCD) process & equipment, Pressure Wet Cleaning (PWC) system, Descaling, Coating, Lubrication, Drawing, Cleaning, Brushing and Die holders

Recent news from this company:
Rod PDH coating - lubricant contaminants capture enables frictionless drawing
Rod rust and scale removal - dry, green and clean
Rod in-line dry cleaning, coating and drawing
Wire green cleaning for plating and a decorative glossy finish
Rod PDH coating - the new world of wire drawing
Wire and rod dry cleaning at extreme speed
Rod rust removal - dry, green and clean
Die wear - way to eliminate it
PDH dies can have infinite life - capture and removal of lubricant contaminants
Wire green cleaning for plating and decorative bright finish
Rod phosphate-free conversion coating - green, at unlimited speed and frictionless
Rod rust removal by captured scale - dry, green and clean
Wire green cleaning for plating and decorative bright finish
Wire dry cleaning enables direct galvanising
Rod scale and rust removal - acid-free, dry, green and clean