Rod dry preparation enables high-speed lfrictionless drawing

PUBLISHED: 18 Jan 08

Rod cleaning and wire drawing by DCCD process
Rod cleaning and wire drawing by DCCD process

Decalub, France, has introduced the new generation DCCD (dry cleaning, coating and drawing) process which eliminates the most costly parameters in the wire drawing process, including elimination of acid and pre-coating chemicals.

As a consequence, the new process offers significant downstream benefits enabling the users to target a total saving of 50- 65% in production costs of drawn wire.

The system allows immediate substantial cost savings in the most demanding drawing applications, including spring wire, high-tensile rope wire, bead wire, PC strand wire, AL cladded wire, plating wire, bright wire, CO2 welding wire, etc.

Following the scale cracking by rod reverse bending and rod smooth brush cleaning, upon automatically controlled brush pressure, the powerful multifunction LVC/PDH system, installed in the first draft, permits in-line highperformance dry coating and lubrication of H/C or L/C mechanically descaled bare rod, with liquefied standard dry lubricants the viscosity of which is automatically controlled during the drawing operation, completely eliminating traditional wet pre-coating chemicals.

One of the typical applications of the DCCD process consists in direct drawing from 5.5mm diameter mechanically descaled bare rod, with 0.83/0.88% carbon content, without pre-coating, with an output of 2.2 tons per hour and with a die life of 200 tons per die in the first draft.

Full lubricant film achieves frictionless drawing by physical separation of wire-die contact in all drafts, enabling die wear of 0.30 micron per ton of wire drawn, with virtually no speed limitation, dependent mainly on rod pay-off and wire take-up modes.

Decalub, France
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