Rod and wire dry cleaning , in-line at high-speed

PUBLISHED: 25 Apr 08

Rod/wire cleaning by the SB brushing system
Rod/wire cleaning by the SB brushing system

Decalub has developed a steel rod and wire dry cleaning system, called Smooth- Brush (SB), which operates in-line with a wire drawing machine.

The SB system provides an extraclean product by transversal highspeed fine brushing all around the wire circumference with automatically controlled brush pressure, and ensures unchanged rod/wire physical properties with no residual stress induced.

Development of the rod and wire SB cleaning system eliminates the most costly parameters in wire drawing process, including elimination of acid and wet precoating chemicals, providing significant downstream benefits and substantial process savings.

Suitable for use where the surface finish is of great importance, the system offers consistency and can benefit demanding applications including plating wire, CO2 welding wire and H/C wires where the ductility is a focus, particularly in production of spring wire, bead wire, PC strand wire, etc.

Brush bristles penetration is adjustable to automatically maintain surface microroughness from 10 to 25 microns, preselected at will.

In applications with rod, the system provides transversal micro-roughing which is ideal for lubricant pick up during drawing, enabling even plastic deformation and a uniform metal flow within the, die at all practical speeds. This eliminates the need for wet precoating chemicals in the drawing process.

In wire cleaning applications, the system's smooth abrading capability is used to clean drawn wire from lubricant residual enabling wire in-line polishing, metallic and plastic coatings, painting, etc.

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