Rod / wire drawing: Where the heat has gone?

PUBLISHED: 09 Sep 08

Rod/wire dry coating by LVC/PDH system,
in a 0.88%C application
Rod/wire dry coating by LVC/PDH system, in a 0.88%C application

The new LVC/PDH rod dry preparation and wire drawing system creates a completely dry substitute to phosphate and borax wet pre-coatings, enabling high-speed direct drawing with greatly reduced wire temperature. But where has the heat gone?

The system permits �frictionless� drawing with a full lubricant film at the wire-die interface in the most demanding multi-draft applications. It provides a strongly adherent coat for high-tensile wire, and light water soluble coat for plating wire.

The process uses dry coating and lubrication technology enabling an automatically controlled fusion of standard dry lubrication compounds, completely eliminating traditional wet pre-coating chemicals and performing as an adherent and consistent residual coat, automatically adjustable at all speeds.

The system eliminates wet pre-coating chemicals and permits frictionless drawing at 18m/s with H/C spring wire drawn directly from mechanically descaled bare rod. It facilitates die wear of 0.30-0.50 micron per tonne of wire drawn directly from 0.88%C mechanically descaled bare rod.

The system allows an output of 2.2 tonne per hour with 5.5mm mechanically descaled 0.83-0.88%C bare rod drawn directly without wet pre-coating chemicals.

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