Frictionless drawing of steel wire

PUBLISHED: 07 Nov 08

Rod dry preparation by DCCD system
Rod dry preparation by DCCD system

Rod dry cleaning and preparation by the DCCD system enables in-line direct drawing of mechanically descaled high and low carbon rod, up to 0.88%C, without wet pre-coating chemicals and without rod speed limitation. The process incorporates the new LVC/PDH rod dry coating technology that enables an automatically controlled fusion of lubrication compounds.

Such a liquefied substance eliminates completely traditional wet pre-coating chemicals and provides an adherent and consistent residual coat, automatically adjustable in weight at all speeds.

The DCCD processed 5.5mm (0.218") 0.83%C rod is dry coated and drawn directly, in-line, without wet pre-coating, to 1.85mm (0.073") at 13.5m/s (2,700ft/ min) with virtually zero friction - exiting wire temperature not exceeding 45�C.

A recent application of the DCCD process is for 5.5mm (0.218") 0.78�0.85%C rod, dry cleaned and surface prepared in the first draft, in-line, with zero consumables cost and with virtually zero energy consumption, with an output of 2.2 tons/hour.

The system offers immediate substantial cost savings in production of quality wires, including spring, rope, bead, PC strand and galvanised H/C or L/C.

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