Lubricant viscosity control revolutionises wire drawing

PUBLISHED: 15 Jan 09

Wire rod lubrication by LVC / PDH system
Wire rod lubrication by LVC / PDH system

Decalub�s new lubricant viscosity control system, in conjunction with the PDH ultra high-pressure lubrication system, allows mechanically descaled high-carbon rod, or low-carbon rod, to be drawn directly, without pre-coating chemicals, at the highest speeds.

The LVC/PDH rod dry coating/ lubrication system benefits from fully controlled 3-way interaction between the pressure, temperature and lubricant viscosity, enabling an automatically controlled fusion of standard dry lubrication compounds, making them molten/liquefied with a viscosity suitable for the application.

The system permits the �frictionless� drawing in remaining intermediate drafts with the full lubricant film at wire-die interface, with physical separation of metal-to-metal contact, in the most demanding multi-draft applications from rod to wire in a one-step operation.

Typical applications of the LVC/PDH dry coating system include direct drawing from mechanically descaled H/C rod, without pre-coating chemicals, from 5.5mm down to 1.3mm at 18m/s, and to 5.5mm to 3.25mm at 8.3m/s, with die life enabling production of 200-220 tons/ die in the first draft. The finishing die produces 40 to 60 tons of wire, drawn without pre-coating chemicals but with wire properties such as ductility, and torsion test greatly improved.

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