Wire lubrication and cleaning

PUBLISHED: 06 Jul 09

Wire re-coating and cleaning by GPS/PDH system
Wire re-coating and cleaning by GPS/PDH system

Decalub GPS/PDH wire re-coating system improves both wire lubrication and in-line wire cleaning by enabling high-speed, frictionless drawing; benefiting from wire dry re-coating in intermediate drafts with water-soluble sodium lubricants. Consistent coatings are achieved, from ultra-thin coat for plating wire to a strongly adherent hard coat for high-tensile spring wire with no speed limitation.

The GPS/PDH system achieves a lubricant coat increased by 55% to 60% in one intermediate draft with H/C wire. Sodium lubricants eliminate friction heat by the physical separation of metal-to-metal contact at the wire-die interface.

Users report the elimination of wet pre-coating chemicals (such as phosphate or borax) for all direct drawing applications, including mechanically descaled bare rod of 0.88 - 0.90% carbon content. Standard traditional die-stands can be used without any modification of die geometry. Fifty tonnes of H/C wire can be drawn without wet pre-coating chemicals. Lubricant viscosity is maintained at all speeds, eliminating flow turbulence in the wire-die interface.

In a wet application, the system allows wire cleaning at the last draft using a rust preventive specific paste. The system operates at zero energy consumption and zero lubricant consumption and waste. It can be easily installed into the existing soapbox, and operational within ten minutes.

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