Gauder’s GreenBow

PUBLISHED: 15 Mar 10

Gauder Group’s new concentric stranding line, COS 1200-2, has been designed with energy savings in mind. Power consumption has been reduced: to strand 150mm2 uses only 40kW of power for the complete line, or 36kW for 120mm2.

This is thought to be far lower than using a conventional stranding line. It is the result of using regenerative power from the large and heavy built-in reels to produce electricity through a bus connection, so the reels become power generators.

A second means to reduce power use is by adapting equipment for lower energy consumption. For example, high-speed double twist twinners or bunchers have been equipped with Gauder Group’s new GreenBow, saving 30% energy use on bow motorisation.

An advanced composite material and special aerodynamic design of the bow have been developed to minimise friction/ loss and therefore to reduce the consumption of electricity.

Additional advantages are easy maintenance (it has a removable tube)

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