Cleaning system provides wire glossy finish

PUBLISHED: 07 May 10

Wire cleaning by GP/PDH-CL system
Wire cleaning by GP/PDH-CL system

The GP/PDH-CL system revolutionises the wire cleaning process, benefi ting from unique PDH multi-function technology, enabling an automatic control of the crucial process parameters of pressure/temperature/ viscosity, compound injection speed and thermal stability. In operation, all these parameters communicate in an extremely sensitive and automatic multi-way interaction, providing drawn wire with a bright glossy fi nish for plating at high-speed, cleaned and polished in-line to a refl ective appearance using semisolid high-viscosity products containing anti-corrosion additives.

The GP/PDH-CL system is installed in the last draft of a drawing machine to clean drawn wire of lubricant contaminants. It simultaneously performs surface cleaning and polishing, providing a high level of cleanliness of dry drawn wire without the need for aggressive chemicals, and it operates at all practical speeds without limitation. The main reasons for this development have been cost, wire quality and environment factors.

The GP/PDH-CL wire cleaning system operates with a wide range of semi-solid lubricating solutions in a continuous “in and out” motion, evacuating lubricant contaminants from the cleaning chamber in an open or closed circuit, completely eliminating wire tunnelling eff ect and pressure fl uctuation, and enabling the highest cleaning speed up to 15 m/s (3,000ft per minute).

A light draft of 10% to 15% performs cleaning and polishing in a single run, with completely dry, clean wire leaving the unit.

The system is particularly recommended for cleaning wire drawn in severe conditions, with increased heat and burned lubricant tightly bound to the wire surface.

The system is compact, easy to install and to use, and it operates at zero energy consumption.

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