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Institute of Spring Technology launches state of the art spring design calculator

The way in which spring designers and spring users design and validate spring designs has been vastly improved, thanks to the revolutionary Spring Calculator, from the Institute of Spring Technology (IST), launched following demonstrations at WIRE Dusseldorf 2010. As a pay as you go, web based software application Spring Calculator is the first of its kind.

Users are able to perform advanced spring design and validation, choosing from subscription periods from as little as a week and with the ability to access it from anywhere in the world. This means design engineers, who have an occasional need to design a spring, now have access to sophisticated spring design software for which they may have previously been unable to justify license costs.

Furthermore, what makes Spring Calculator truly unique is the opportunities it presents for collaboration between spring designers, engineers and customers. Users are able to share specified spring designs with people they invite by means of an email generated from within the software itself, providing them with read-only access, online and in real time.

With an easy to use interface, Spring Calculator is powerful, feature-rich and intuitive covering the six most popular spring types. With an extensive database of spring materials and their properties, industry design and tolerance standards and with Metric and Imperial unit sets, users are able to view graphical analysis online as well as create a PDF to print, save or share. As a hosted application, there is no limit to the number of designs that users can save (these are stored securely on a central server), no up-front expenses for a license, no installation is necessary and there are no costs associated with maintenance or updates.

Users simply register for an account online, pay for the time period to suit their needs and then instantly begin their spring design calculations. Designs can be accessed at any time, even after the subscription expires. When users need to edit or create a new design, they simply log-in to their account re-subscribe for the desired time period. There is also an option to create a free account which provides access to a range of example spring designs allowing users to demonstrate Spring Calculator.

Users can create a free account which provides a range of example spring designs and demonstrates the capabilities of Spring Calculator.

Spring Calculator is cross-platform and compatible with all major web browsers and operating systems. www.springcalculator.com

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