Wire lubrication, high-melting lubricants

PUBLISHED: 07 Jul 11

Anti-wear high-melting coat on 0.85% C descaled
Anti-wear high-melting coat on 0.85% C descaled wire

Formulation of high melting lubricants is improving at a frantic development pace, enabling demanding wire qualities to be drawn in a more economical way, replacing conventional rod wet preparation including chemical cleaning/ rinsing/wet pre-coating and drying by a new totally dry coating process that presents a unique combination of simplicity and effectiveness. The main reason behind this achievement has been the cost, wire quality and environment factors.

When used in conjunction with Decalub DCCD rod dry preparation process in H/C and L/C wire drawing applications from bare rod (including 0.83-0.90% C rod), high-melting lubricants, melting at temperature rage of 195°C-240°C/374°F- 464°F for H/C applications, are thermally activated and instantaneously converted from solid into viscous liquid state, upon ultra-high-pressure of 350 bars/5,000 psi, at zero energy consumption, and are deposited in-line on mechanically descaled bare rod surface in 5 microseconds, eliminating the need for wet pre-coating chemicals, generating an exceptional thermal stability at highest drawing speeds, performing a hard high-density strongly adherent anti-wear coat, automatically weight adjustable up to 10g/m2, resisting oxidation.

Some advanced products are formulated in multi-melt point version so their viscosity and thermal stability are automatically controlled enabling H/C bare rod to be drawn directly in 11-13 drafts at virtually unlimited drawing speed, limited mainly by rod pay-off and wire take-up modes.

The process users report the high-performance rod dry coating used with high-melting lubricants is performed in-line at zero energy consumption, at zero consumables cost and at zero maintenance cost, in the manufacture of quality H/C and L/C wires, making the new coating/ lubrication process one of the most outstanding ever obtained in mechanically descaled wire lubrication.

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