10 years after: SETIC, father of Triple Twist process

PUBLISHED: 02 Aug 11

The vertical
The vertical "all-in-one" Triple Twist pairing machine type "VTT 560"

The Triple Twist process, a Gauder Group patented solution since 2001, allows 40 up to 50 % higher production speed from lower investment while offering improved cable quality compared with conventional LAN pairing lines. It is the best industry standard for Cat. 5/6/7 LAN cable production.

With some 200 Triple Twist twinning lines sold, SETIC s.a.s., a member of the Gauder Group, remains the incontestable leader in the LAN cable pairing field. Thousands of kilometres of cable have been manufactured on these machines in the major LAN cable manufacturers' plants worldwide.

SETIC equipment offers all the benefits of backtwist technology, combined with the advantages of the world-famous "DVD 560" (twin vertical double backtwist pay-off) : stabilised impedance and superior consistency, hydraulic loading platform and pneumatic pintles for easy reel handling, continuous adjustment of backtwist rate from the operator's control panel, integrated electrical cabinet, stand alone equipment.

The range includes the vertical "all-in-one" Triple Twist pairing machine type "VTT 560" enabling the production of Cat. 5E pairs around 6300 TPM (instead of 4500 TPM on standard 560 mm Double Twist twinner) and Cat. 6 pairs at 6000 TPM for (instead of 4000 TPM on standard 560 mm Double Twist twinner). The same production result can be achieved by using double position pay-off for Triple Twist process type "DVD TT 560 R" or "DHD TT 560" located before an existing standard Double Twist machine. It increases running speed of 1500 up to 2200 TPM and allows to produce from Cat. 5 up to Cat. 7 as well as use the twinner for other products types.

SETIC also placed the Triple Twist pairing process on a one step machine creating the "G3T 560" model for twinning in one operation 4 (or n as an option) pairs Cat. 5 / 5E / 6E and 7 / 8 from insulated wires, on the same line, speeding up to 6000 TPM.

The possibilities are endless whether installed new or incorporated into an existing line, the Gauder Group's Triple Twist process yields to important investment reduction ; the SETIC team is ready to analyse the best solution matching your production needs.

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