Gauder Group at Interwire 2013

PUBLISHED: 30 Jan 13

Pourtier Motorised guiding head for stranding of trapezoidal wires
Pourtier Motorised guiding head for stranding of trapezoidal wires

New machines on booth 1932:

BOW TECHNOLOGY by Gauder Group
BOW TECHNOLOGY (France), is the answer to cable makers concerned by quality and long-life reliable bows for all brands of double twist machines. With a comprehensive range of 500+ designs in constant evolution, the division offers a global service from conception to production. This is the owner of the PATENTED GreenBow, a unique design enabling important energy savings.

For cable producers wanting simple and reliable machines at affordable price, DALOO is the obvious choice. While the design is based on European experience, the manufacturing is done in China following strict quality criteria. Its complete stranding lines and accessories for the production of power and communication cables are delivered worldwide : rigid cage stranders, taping lines, rewinding lines, take-ups and pay-offs, pulling caterpillars...

Gauder Group, Inc.
With over 20 years of continuous presence and after several recent major machine installations in the USA, the Interwire 2013 show is the opportunity for the Gauder Group, Inc. to highlight the joint rebranding of its POURTIER and SETIC product range (based in France, both are world leaders in Rotating Machines for the non-ferrous wire and cable industry) as a combined entity “POURTIER & SETIC of America”. Gauder Group, Inc. develops accordingly its support and parts (including high technology bows) services offer to the North American market from Greensboro, North Carolina.

POURTIER of America
This is the new name chosen by the Gauder Group, Inc. to promote the sales of its POURTIER product range. The line of equipment includes POURTIER’s successful rigid stranders and drum twisters for producing high quality Milliken conductor for High Voltage and Extra-high Voltage power cable (AC) and conductors for DC cables (round compacted and trapezoidal wires), as well as large equipment required for the production of submarine and umbilical cables.

SETIC of America
As part of its rebranding action, the Gauder Group, Inc. markets now its SETIC product line as "SETIC of America". This range of equipment offers large and small double twist bunchers for PC and automotive industry, as well as complete line of machines for the production of LAN and special cable with enhanced performances in one step or two steps according to product mix.

Gauder Group, Belgium
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