Rod and wire lubrication problems eliminated

PUBLISHED: 03 Sep 13

Rod coating and lubrication by LVC / PDH system
Rod coating and lubrication by LVC / PDH system

The innovative LVC/PDH lubrication system provides high-performance anti-friction coat, reliable lubrication for the most demanding drawing applications, allowing the highest drawing speed with all steel rods/ wires, including mechanically descaled uncoated (bare) 0.85-0.88%C rod. Applications include drawing of spring wire, high-tensile rope wire, PC strand wire, CO2 welding wire, plating wire, cold heading wire, etc.

The LVC/PDH lubrication system features automatic control of lubrication parameters, including lubricant pressure, temperature and viscosity, enabling the use of standard high melting lubricants (+220°C=428°F) which are converted from solid into liquefied state and instantaneously deposited on bare rod, providing a thick film of extremely stable thermal stability in all drafts, at the highest drawing speed, replacing phosphate, borax and their wet pre-coating substitutes, completely eliminating rod residual moisture.

In operation, all these lubrication parameters 'communicate' together in a sensitive and automatic multiway interaction to form a consistent, exceptionally adherent full-film anti-friction lubricant coat, weight-adjustable, enabling frictionless drawing by physical separation of wire-die contact in all drafts, eliminating friction heat, greatly increasing die life, and providing superior surface finish and improved wire ductility.

Typical applications with the LVC/PDH coated rod: Output of 2.2 tonne/hour with 5.5mm 0.83-0.88%C mechanically descaled bare rod, in a 'frictionless' drawing application with die life of 200 tonnes/die in the first draft and a die wear of 0.2micron/tonne of wire drawn in the last draft.

Spring wire is drawn from mechanically descaled bare rod, without pre-coating chemicals, at 18m/s (3,600ft/min); 5.5mm 0.72%C rod drawn to 2.35mm at 16m/s (3,200ft/min); and 10.5mm 0.85-0.88%C rod drawn to 4.22mm at 8-9m/s (1,800ft/min).

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