Wire green cleaning provides extra-clean wire in-line

PUBLISHED: 27 Aug 14

Wire cleaning by BH-S system
Wire cleaning by BH-S system

The BH-S is a green dry cleaning process of great potential used in-line in the most demanding applications, allowing the highest cleaning speed with all steel wires (including 0.90%C), mechanically descaled or acid cleaned, bare or pre-coated, drawn with calcium and sodium lubricants. Applications include wire cleaning from lubricant residue, or other contaminants, prior to galvanising, metallic coatings, Al or Cu cladding, heat treatment, etc, and wire rod cleaning prior to drawing.

Development of the BH-S wire dry cleaning system provides the ultimate combination of simplicity and effectiveness, replacing the most costly operations in wire cleaning processes, including replacement of acid, ultrasonic and other wet chemicals, generating substantial cost savings, environmental benefits and improvement in productivity of clean H/C and L/C wires.

The BH-S system is particularly recommended for cleaning applications in which a conventional process is inappropriate, especially with wires drawn upon severe conditions resulting in increased heat and burned lubricant tightly bound to the wire surface and embedded in micro-cavities.

Basically, the BH-S is a smooth and sensitive multi-layer micro-shaving/abrading that finely impact wire surface separating lubricant residue from base material, evacuating away dispersed contaminants by moving wire, exiting the unit extra clean of white-metal appearance at extreme speed, operating at virtually zero energy consumption.

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