Rod cleaning and coating for frictionless drawing

PUBLISHED: 28 Nov 14

Rod cleaning and wire drawing by DCCD process
Rod cleaning and wire drawing by DCCD process

The dry cleaning, coating and drawing (DCCD) process offers substantial cost savings replacing conventional rod wet preparation, including acid cleaning/ rinsing/wet pre-coating and drying, by the new totally dry and green process that presents a unique combination of simplicity and effectiveness.

The DCCD process is used in the most demanding H/C and L/C drawing applications from mechanically descaled bare rod, including 0.88-0.90%C, drawn directly without wet pre-coating chemicals, including spring wire, rope wire, PC strand wire, CO2 welding wire, cold heading wire, plating wire, etc.

The process operates at zero maintenance cost as there is no acid, no hot liquid tanks for rod pre-coating, no hot air blowers to dry wet rod, and it operates at virtually zero energy consumption. The rod moisture, the number one enemy for wire drawing, is completely eliminated. In operation, all lubrication variables communicate together in a sensitive and automatic multi-way interaction to form a high-density strongly adherent full-film anti-wear lubricant coat, weight-adjustable, enabling frictionless drawing benefiting from physical separation of wire-die contact in all drafts.

The DCCD process revolutionises the wire drawing process. Customers target immediate total savings of 50-64 per cent in the production cost of drawn wire, in all drawing applications with virtually no speed limit, which is dictated mainly by rod pay-off and wire take-up modes.

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