Quickly learn 11 critical factors for high-reliability connectors and cable assembly

PUBLISHED: 08 Feb 15

The LEMO Group and Northwire offer localized expertise on a global scale
The LEMO Group and Northwire offer localized expertise on a global scale

Northwire, Inc., (NWI), a leading cable manufacturing company, has co-published a new site paper with precision cable connector leader LEMO. Working collaboratively around the world, The LEMO Group and NWI focus on the myriad benefits of an end-to-end custom cable assembly solution to enhance their valued customer’s experience.

Released online in January 2015, Solutions that Integrate illustrates the advantages of LEMO's global presence, European Distribution Center (EDC) and ease of doing business collectively with Northwire. Together, The LEMO Group simplifies global logistics to efficient and effective channels that bring distant regions together for their customers. By combining their respective areas of expertise in precision Push-Pull Connectors and custom wire and cable manufacturing, each company's valued customer enjoys the rewards of supply chain synchronization.

Continuing the customer-centric theme for expedience, utilize the convenience of the LEMO - NWI site paper infographics to quickly understand the '11 Critical Factors' for cable and connector assemblies. Learn how to rapidly request a quote and order custom, complimentary samples or easily access robust technical resources on interconnect solutions.

LEMO and NWI's integrated solutions leverage over 100 years of combined expertise to establish a foundation for future innovation that are driven by the voice of the customer. With reliable, seamless integration of LEMO connectors and Northwire cable products, customers can develop the exact cable assembly that fits their precise application while realizing logistics advantages, lead-time reduction and localized expertise for custom cable assemblies. This rapid response and collaborative approach exemplifies LEMO and NWI's esprit de corps for continual improvement to ensure the highest levels of customer service excellence.

"I am convinced that by creating synergy between our two companies, we can grow and prosper side-by-side," stated Alexandre Pesci, CEO of The LEMO Group. “Together we will be able to provide our customers high-quality complete cable-connector solutions."

Read the full site paper online at www.lemo.com and at www.northwire.com. For more information on The LEMO Group, Northwire, Inc., or the manufacturing companies' combined product and service offerings, connect with Customer Care at 800.468.1516, cableinfo@northwire.com or via live chat. The Lemo Group's industry experts welcome engineering challenges from the simplest to the most complex.

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Quickly learn 11 critical factors for high-reliability connectors and cable assembly
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