From drawn dull to wire clean reflective finish in plating quality

PUBLISHED: 09 Mar 16

Wire cleaning by PWC-S system
Wire cleaning by PWC-S system

The PWC-S system performs wire cleaning and polishing in-line with wire drawing machine at 6 to 12m/s (1,200 to 2,400ft/min). Exceptional cleanliness permits wire direct brass coating, copper coating, galvanising and wire cleaning prior to heat treatment and coating applications including patenting, annealing, painting, plastic coating, etc.

The system incorporates new technology that enables normal cold plant water to be converted into a unique cleaning medium generating high pressure wetting/contaminants extreme pressure extrusion/hydrodynamic cavitations displace, and contaminants flush out, used to clean drawn wire at high-speed in a completely green application, providing a glossy wire finish in plating quality.

The PWC-S system effectively removes lubricant residue from the base material and is particularly recommended for cleaning applications with wires drawn upon severe conditions resulting in increased heat and burned lubricant tightly bound to the wire surface and embedded in micro-cavities.

For decorative mirror reflective wire applications, the system can be used with an emulsion including a new rust preventive additive diluted at 3-5 per cent concentration. The PWC-S unit is compact and can be easily installed on the finishing/last block of a wire drawing machine.

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