Die wear - way to eliminate it

PUBLISHED: 06 Jul 17

Wire coating by PDH system
Wire coating by PDH system

Unavoidable fines (abrasive particles) generation, the most destructive lubricant contaminants in wire drawing, is no longer an alarming phenomenon since the introduction of the Decalub green and dry rod preparation and wire lubrication including PDH coating system.

In the most demanding wire drawing applications, the PDH die's wear is reduced to a unmeasurable level (about 0.2 micron per tonne), meaning that three-body abrasive wear is virtually eliminated, thus revolutionising the wire drawing process.

The PDH lubricant film created is of such a configuration as to induce a hydrodynamic lubricant activity causing migration of all lubricant contaminants, including fines, rust oxide and scale, without interference with the die, meaning the removal of encapsulated abrasive particles prevents die wear, enabling wire frictionless drawing at extreme speed and much lower temperature, and achieving an excellent wire smooth finish not difficult to water clean in-line.

Applications include all plain carbon wires up to 0.98 per cent carbon, coated or uncoated, and stainless steel alloy wires up to 26 per cent chromium, where the PDH high-performance specific anti-friction coat is automatically controlled in hardness and thickness, adjustable at will up to 15 microns, largely sufficient to capture, encapsulate and retain liberated abrasive particles from wire surface and ensure abrasive particles removal without interference with drawing dies.

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