Magnetic power gripper handles heavy steel parts

PUBLISHED: 16 Jan 18

The recently developed magnetic power gripper grips plate material from 6 mm and is suitable for robot applications and as a lifting magnet
The recently developed magnetic power gripper grips plate material from 6 mm and is suitable for robot applications and as a lifting magnet

Goudsmit Magnetics from Waalre, the Netherlands introduces the recently designed magnetic power gripper. This powerful magnetic gripper is suitable for numerous applications. It serves both as a lifting magnet for picking up or gripping heavy ferromagnetic parts from 6 mm, such as solid steel beams, grilles, plates or milled parts. But the compact neodymium magnet is also suitable for use as a handling magnet in robotic applications or with plasma cutting machines in the metal industry.

The permanent magnet can be pneumatically controlled using compressed air and a 5/3 valve. This makes it extremely safe, because the magnet retains the load even in the event of a loss of compressed air.

To give an idea of the ratio of compactness to magnetic force: a 115 mm power gripper lifts a load of about 175 kg and has a holding force of 527 kg. The magnet is maintenance free, has a long life and is available in three sizes: Ø50, Ø75 and Ø115 mm.

Magnetic gripper for robots
In this application the power gripper serves for picking up or gripping solid, heavy steel parts or products in robot applications. The magnets can be switched on and off via simple pneumatic control using a 5/2 or 5/3 valve. This allows the system to lift and transport steel parts from 6 mm, one at a time.

The on/off position is detectable by means of sensors in the slotted holes. If necessary, two or three grippers can be coupled together, while only two connection ports are required, due to the internal air passage.

Magnetic gripper as lifting magnet
In the second application, the switchable power gripper lifts solid steel beams, grilles, plates, milled or casted parts and more. It can also be used to hold steel objects, for welding or sharpening. What makes this system so special is that it is very powerful when switched on and has absolutely no residual magnetism when switched off. Due to the high lifting force, even heavier objects can be moved with permanent magnets.

The advantage of switchable permanent lifting magnets is that they do not require a back-up system for potential power failures and can therefore safely lift heavy loads. This means considerably lower investment and maintenance costs as well as a much simpler controller.

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