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Further expansion imminent at Cable Tapes UK as Jonathan Moia is taken on to drive the company to even higher levels!

Jonathan Moia joins Cable Tapes UK Ltd
Jonathan Moia joins Cable Tapes UK Ltd

Cable Tapes UK is delighted to announce that Jonathan Moia will be the newest member of their successful team. Jonathan will be working closely with both the administration and marketing departments and building on the excellent work produced by them.

Having made the move to Cable Tapes UK, Jonathan plans to make his presence felt and get straight down to business helping to drive Cable Tapes UK ever higher to the top of the entire cable taping industry. He brings enthusiasm, drive and a desire to make the departments even more dynamic with his hands on approach. Staff can look forward to dedicated day to day running of the warehouse and a devoted approach to administration.

Cable Tapes UK looks forward to passing on the inevitable benefits of this boost to their already flourishing team - and is excited about the expansion potential it creates.

Jonathan Moia said said "I am thrilled to have joined such a successful team and am looking forward to developing the departments even further and helping to grow our customer base to new heights. I deliberately set myself challenging targets and strive to achieve them in record time - there will be no change at Cable Tapes UK - with constant promotion and hard work I aim make sure everyone knows that Cable Tapes UK is the top cable taping company in Europe, and before too long the world!"

Cable Tapes UK, market leading supplier of mica tapes to the cable industry are proud to have the largest and most modern installed sub-contract taping capacity in the UK and firmly believe that this is one of the many reasons that they continue to lead the market with their products.

Cable tapes UK, your single source for all cable lapping tapes and twines.

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Further expansion imminent at Cable Tapes UK as Jonathan Moia is taken on to drive the company to even higher levels!
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