Marking 80 years in business

PUBLISHED: 04 May 09

A focus on research and development
A focus on research and development

This year the family firm of Medek & Schörner celebrates the 80th anniversary of its founding by Josef Medek and Gustav Schörner.

Originally a precision engineering workshop, the company began the manufacture of machines for the marking of cables, wires, pipes and continuously extruded products in the 1950s.

Today’s third generation of management (Fritz Descovich II and Kurt Descovich, grandson of founder Josef Medek, and Werner Lichtscheidl, son-in-law of Gustav Schörner II) has continued the company’s established traditions of its forebears.

Advanced technological expertise, highly trained staff and the latest in production technology continue to ensure the quality of the company’s products.

The erection of a production facility at Grossebersdorf in 1989, equipped with the very latest machine tools, went hand in hand with a focus on research and development and a special emphasis on complex electronic controls. This made it possible to continue producing conventional products of exceptional quality, while keeping pace with the latest developments in modern technology.

This was of particular benefit with respect to technically highly sophisticated equipment for the colouring and coating of optical fibres for glass fibre cables. Medek & Schörner believes that its employees represent the company’s real capital. Most of the firm’s precision engineers were first employed as apprentices, learning the production of high-precision mechanical components on modern CNC machine tools.

Conventional SPS controls and drive components are used in electronic and control engineering, and high-speed processor controls – developed in-house – are employed wherever the standard components available on the market reach their technical limits.

The engineers involved in research, development and design are the same engineers who deal with the wide range of problems encountered by customers in everyday on-site operation. This ensures that Medek & Schörner technology stays true to its maxim: to support the company’s customers in every way and meet their requirements in the best possible manner.

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Marking 80 years in business